USM's re-rental fleet is in Like-New condition with an average age of 3 years. All of our equipment has GPS monitoring which tracks position and run hours. 
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Boom Lifts:  All Genie, JLG, & SkyJack Models 80'-185' 

JLG 1850 Boom Lift
JLG 1850SJ
185' Telescopic Boom Lift
Largest telescopic lift in the industry
Genie SX180 Boom Lift
Genie SX-180
180' Telescopic Boom Lift
JLG 1500AJP Boom Lift
150' Articulating Boom Lift
Largest articulating lift in the industry
Genie SX-150 Boom Lift
Genie SX-150
150' Telescopic Boom Lift
JLG 1350SJP Boom Lift
135' Telescopic Boom Lift
Genie SX135 Boom Lift
Genie SX-135 XC
135' Telescopic Boom Lift
Longest horizontal outreach of 90'
Genie Z135 Boom Lift
Genie ZX-135/70
135' Articulating Boom Lift
JLG 1250AJP Boom Lift
125' Articulating Boom Lift
Genie S125 Boom Lift
Genie S125
125' Telescoping Boom Lift
SkyJack 86T Boom Lift
SkyJack 86T
86' Telescoping Boom Lift
Genie S85 Boom Lift
Genie S85
85' Telescoping Boom Lift
JLG 860SJ Boom Lift
86' Telescoping Boom Lift
Genie Z80 Boom Lift
Genie Z80/60
80' Articulating Boom Lift
JLG 800AJ Boom lift
80' Articulating Boom Lift
Genie S80X Boom Lift
Genie S80X
80' Telescopic Boom Lift

Telehandlers: Models of 13,000 lbs, 12,000 lbs, 10,000 lbs, and 8,000 lbs

JLG G12-55A Telehandler
Magni TH6.20
13,000 lbs Telehandler
SkyJack SJ1256
12,000 lbs Telehandler
Magni TH6.20 13K Telehandler
JLG 1255
12,000 lbs Telehandler
Genie GTH-1056
10,000 lbs Telehandler
JLG G-10 Telehandler
JLG 1055
10,000 lbs Telehandler
Genie GTH-1056 Telehandler
Genie GTH-844
8,000 lbs Telehandler
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